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My name is Katalin *Jett* Koda.  I am in the continuous process of creating a life that is infused with joy, beauty, creativity and passion.  I am an author, storyteller, poet, ceremonialist, healer, parent, visionary, and an intuitive.

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My healing services aim to provide support on your path in a holistic way to address issues on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We look to the expressions in your emotional landscape, bodily health, dreams and desires, spiritual inclinations to discover your own personal soul ecology.

Together we find ways to cocreate a well resourced and supportive experience for you on your healing journey. This work helps you to discover the mythic view of your life and illuminate your soul gifts so that you may experience the joy and love that is your inherent birth right. In our modern culture we are often cut off from this well source of inner light.


Healing happens in several ways!

**Due to COVID 19, all of my sessions are available as distance healing which can be done through set times, online via Zoom/Skype or by phone.

I currently offer:

Reiki healing sessions ~ physical healing, emotional nourishment, stress relief, relax the nervous system and chakra balancing

Tarot and oracle card readings ~  view the path as a mythic journey, discover your life destiny and better understand work, relationships, career and health issues

Arcturian light body sessions ~ revitalize the energy field,, neural repatterning, heal ancestral trauma, anchor in your light body

Ceremony creation ~ mark passages in your life with assistance in personally crafting transformative acts of beauty

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