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blkwhtkat2My name is Katalin.  I am in the continuous process of creating a life that is infused with joy, beauty, creativity and passion.  I am an author, storyteller, artist, poet, ceremonialist, healer, mother, visionary, and an intuitive.

My mission is to connect as deeply to my soul and heart path as possible and to share what I find with you.

From my writing, to ceremony creations, to my Fire of the Goddess work, I plumb the depths for beauty, truth, and authentic power. I am discovering the extraordinary, and the mythic. I am always in search of sacred story and its connection to the land, to people, to healing and consciousness.


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Healing Work

My deep study of the healing arts began when I survived cancer at age nineteen and faced what I call the ‘mortality reality.’ Following that healing crisis was a powerful transformation, a meeting of my own soul.  Soon after I studied Reiki which became the catalyst to an incredible unfolding of my own healing journey.  Combined with my studies in earth based spirituality, Yoga, Buddhism and the divine feminine, my healing work grew and developed to eventually include animistic arts, ecology and ceremony.  See more here…

My healing work is a process that brings profound experiences to each person I work with. Every session is completely unique and relies on your personal intention. I work directly with spirit helpers and guides who emanate deep compassion and I am humbled by their loving presence in each session.

Along with being an intuitive and clairvoyant, I use several tools to assist and facilitate in healing, growth, and transformation.  Some of these tools include: Reiki, drum journeys, aura and energy assistance, Tarot cards, soul color work, past life clearing and ancestral work, ceremonial assistance, soul retrieval and more…

Click here to find out more and book a reading or session today! I currently offer sessions in person at Everett House Healing Center in Portland, Oregon and distance via Skype.

Creating Ceremony

Roses and Plumeria Water Offering

Water Offering

I am passionate about creating ceremony and teaching others how to do this in a simple yet effective way that brings power, love and wisdom into your everyday life.

Ceremony is a method to communicates your soul’s passion back to yourself.  Putting your intention into form empowers you to use your creative gifts and bring more love and brilliance in your life.  Find out more here.


Mahamaya Goddess, Ancient Yogini Temple in India

Mahamaya Goddess, Ancient Yogini Temple in India

Working with the Divine Feminine

After losing a baby daughter just five days after birth in 2002, my healing work with baby spirits, mothers, and the divine feminine grew in leaps and bounds.  Following this profound loss came many blessings and a deepened understanding of life, death and rebirth.

Since then I have focused on my work with women and the divine feminine.  In 2008 I wrote Fire of the Goddess and then founded Fire of the Goddess Retreats and Ceremonies.  Visit for more info.




I came into this life with a mission to read and write. According to my mother, I have been reading since the tender age of four and writing stories at age eight.  I have never stopped writing! For me, writing comes as natural as breathing and have since have authored three published books, dozens of articles, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. See more here.


  1. Hello,
    My name is cody. I am in the process of reading your book Fire of the Goddess. I have been a practicing Pagan since I was 12 and am now 26. I have training in multiple areas. I like to have the God’s and Goddesses, nature spirits, etc. Teach me directly. Anyways to the point I intended to ask about I know we all have mauling and feminine energy within us. I am gay so I know I may have it pretty well balanced but did you intend your book to work with both males and females or just females. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your response.

    • Hi Cody,

      Thank you for reaching out! As for your question, my audience in mind for the book is mainly female; however several men have benefited from this work as well! My main focus in writing the book, as a woman, was to reclaim myths of empowered, complex, and diverse archetypes of the sacred feminine, in direct response to being raised with a very limited view of a feminine divine. The myths, stories and exercises I chose to present deliberately give women (or anyone identifying as female or feel connected to the feminine in any way) a method to access the divine/sacred feminine.

      I also discovered in the process of writing this book, how indeed we all contain aspects of feminine and masculine energies and even those energies themselves are not necessarily limited to gender. I am currently in a same sex relationship and connect to the world through a lens of working with openness in gender, sexuality and finding fluidity within that (probably another book there).

      Anyway, enjoy and let me know any further thoughts.
      Bless, Happy Holy Days,

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