Journey On

California has been wonderful to us. We’ve been staying on Golden Gate Avenue with dear friends, way up in the windy hills, looking out onto the gorgeous vista of San Francisco Bay, Mount Tamalapais, also known as the Sleeping Lady, reclining against vivid sunsets, sparkling water and long tendrils of fog. This time really is like a Golden Gate and I smile in hope each time we cross the brilliant bridge, stare out at the gleaming Pacific in preparation to our voyage across the sea to Hawaii. We sail through the gateway, after months spent with my dear Grandpa who finally transitioned on from Earth to the beyond; after studying more about shamanic healing and learning to begin applying healing using the drum, song, journeying and spirits; after painting a giant house together earning cash for our next Adventure.

This month has been a lovely mix of Tibetan Buddhist Dharma, wisdom and yummy Indian foods at the Self-Realization Fellowship, inspiration from Malidoma Patrice Some’s The Healing Wisdom of Africa and Shamanic courses. A somewhat typical time in the day and life of K. Koda. I also finished my seven month moon work with the Munay Ki, calling the archetypes into the chakras, a reclaimed ancient Incan tradition. I have passed the first rites of the Munay Ki myself to a dear friend and witnessed openings in her life, deeper stirrings with Spirit and calls from the Dreamtime. I look forward to setting up another space on Earth that calls forth people in need of healing through Reiki, drumming, dance, journeying and whatever else…

In just a couple days we’ll Journey On to the Big Island of Hawaii to meet Pele the Goddess of the Volcano of Hawaii, where she makes brand new, living earth, the lava pouring out into the sea, turbulent and powerful. We hope to see many of you there as we set up again in the lush tropics, but in a very different kind of place, continuously weaving the stories of Earth.

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