Dream Time

Dream Time is synonymous with the shamanic understanding of non-ordinary reality, as introduced by Carlos Castaneda, author of The Teachings of Don Juan.  Dream Time is a personal connection to non-ordinary reality that develops through our own practice of journeying the terrain beyond our normal five senses.

Dream Time is not limited to shamanic journeying but is also reflected in our night time dreams, our visions, daydreams, intuition, fantasies and any part of us that speaks to us beyond our ordinary five senses.  The Dream Time is inhabited with spirits, spirit helpers, guides, ancestors and teachers. As taught by Michael Harner, author of The Way of the Shaman, non-ordinary reality is composed of three locales: Middle, Upper and Lower Worlds.  Compassionate helper spirits reside in both the Upper and Lower Worlds, ready to assist us in the form of guidance during shamanic journeys, visions and dreams.  These helper spirits may come in the form of power animals, spirit teachers, guides or ancestors.

We reside in the Middle World where Dream Time and ordinary reality overlap.  Here we find neutral spirits such as elements and land spirits that can be both  harmonious and disharmonious to our well being.  Also in the Middle World, our souls can be affected by various spirits, people’s emotional energies and situations from our past such as trauma or harm.  When we experience this, our souls may lose power, become displaced and/or pick up unwanted disharmonious energies.  Shamanic healing works to help people regain lost power and remove or extract disharmonious energies.

Dream Time Shamanic work is a result of direct experience with the Dream Time and includes shamanic journeys, visions, and dreams that are used for healing oneself and others.  To experience a Shamanic Healing session, with Katalin, see here for more.

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