Clearing Psychic Cords

A man came to see me who simply wanted to receive healing.  As I began to work on him, my guides informed me to focus on his heart center and that his sorrow was related to his mother passing.  So I had him visualize the Cord Clearing Exercise (See Below) and gave him Reiki to assist his heart.  He wept deeply after this was over.  I had him turn on his side and rest in the fetal position for several minutes and gave him a water blessing.  I find this a beautiful way to seal in a healing and is very comforting for the client, especially after such an intense experience.   Afterwards he told me his mother indeed has passed away and that the healing was very profound for him.  We both felt moved by the work.

This Cord Dissolving exercise is based on the cord cutting exercise that was originally published in Sacred Path of Reiki: Healing as a Spiritual Discipline.  I have found, like the story above, that this can be important with those who have crossed over as well as people who are still alive.

**Since that time, I no longer have clients cut or dissolve cords but instead clear them. I have discovered through my own practice working with clients and under the wise guidance of my teachers, that we cannot actually ‘cut’ or ‘dissolve’ cords, that we still remain connected. Thus, clearing them we have the opportunity to take full accountability for our end of the energetic connection and also to stay in right relation with the connections we form through time and space. Essentially we are all interconnected and do not exist as isolated, separate entities, but woven threads in a tapestry of souls.

Our energy field is composed of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of cords of light that extend from our body out through the aura.  Cords in our energy field interact with our entire world around us, with the atmosphere, plants, structures and other humans.  When we have a deep connection with others, such as relationships with family, friends, intimate partners even co-workers, the cords develop and grow stronger between those people.  These cords cross time and space and can stay connected even past death if a spirit has not moved on.

Maintaining healthy, peaceful and loving relationships with others through clear communication is key to keeping the cords as living light.  Unfortunately, many of us do not experience this with all of our relations and the cords can become unhealthy, damaged, and even toxic. Often when I am giving a Reiki session, I notice clients have cords between themselves and others that are preventing further healing.

In this practice we clear the cords and we know that they can grow back healthfully. This exercise can be done with anyone in our lives.  Time and time again, I have found when doing this practice myself or helping others to do it there is often a profound energetic shift between the two people.  The second person does not know necessarily that cords have been cleared but often the negative emotional swirl that is affecting both is literally dropped.  This exercise empowers both people to bring back energy to ourselves.

We may have taken on energy from others or either willingly or unwillingly given our own energy to someone else through these cords. Especially in deep connections, we may do this.  In energy healing this is considered giving or receiving a soul fragment from some one else and this doesn’t serve us. Others’ soul pieces are not useful to our life journey and we become drained when we give them away, instead of full of power and strength.  To help with this issue, use the clearing cords exercise below.

Clearing Cords Exercise

First, create a meditative space.  Then focus on your breath for a few moments, settling your mind and going into a peaceful place free of worries or concerns about the past or future. Then, visualize yourself surrounded in a golden or clear brilliant light, one that protects and energizes. If they cannot visualize it just, have them intend protection and love. You can also visualize with them, surrounded by this clear golden light.

Now,  visualize the person you are clearing cords with coming towards you, also surrounded in the golden, clear light. Once the person is in front of you, then have a dialogue with the person, from the compassionate part of yourself. First listen to what the other person needs to express.  Then respond, all within your own mind. Give yourself time to complete this dialogue as there may need to be both sides expressed and listened to more than once each.  In this moment, we often begin to resolve a lot of the issue, really communicating with someone from our soul essence. When you are in safe space, illuminated in this way, often the true nature of the connection is revealed and can be deeply healing for both parties. This also allows you to see the person from a soul essence level and cultivate a more compassionate view of their journey.

After the conversation is finished, then notice where the cords are between you and the other person. Notice where they are in the body and how this may have been affecting you and the other.  Then imagine clearing and healing the cord between you and the other person.  If you practice Reiki, you can also assist the process by sending Reiki healing. When this is done, then visualize golden light between you and the other, healing the cord clearing. Finally, visualize the other person floating off and away, into the space, healing and recharging.

When this is over you can assist by giving yourself further Reiki and/or using any of your usual grounding methods. Often my clients experience a sense of relief and spaciousness after this exercise.  For more information or to receive a Reiki healing session with me, please check out more here.

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