The Chariot Card

Welcome to the next step on our Major Arcana Journey: the Chariot! The Fool continues on his journey and it’s getting hot, fast and exciting.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to hike around Silver Falls and sauna in my friend’s amazing Mobile Hot Spot a tiny dry sauna on wheels nicknamed the Cherry Chariot. Following the love blast of the recent full moon eclipse, in which I was overcome with an intense, fiery focus on my future I am feeling inspired and rejuvenated and remembering that life is short, so let’s get cracking!

The Chariot moves forward and we are moving forward in perpetual motion. We have no choice but to follow the momentum as it pulls us and it is up to us whether we want to be dragged along or take the reins.  We have within us the potential to guide the energy of the Chariot towards our intended destination. So the question is…what IS that destination?

What are your intentions this week? What are you driving toward? Are you guiding your Chariot or are you being dragged along?

The Chariot symbolizes victory, maturity and wisdom that has been gained by facing the challenges and conflicts of life. Driven by two lions or sphinxes we see the merging of the male/female, the seen/unseen, the unconscious/conscious minds. This links the Chariot to the High Priestess showing an emergence from our initiatory experiences in life into full fledged action and will. We learn to navigate and balance the art of surrender and control; when to follow and when to lead.

The recent eclipse heralded the end of a cycle that began last September. Feel into what has transpired in your life in the last months. What are you moving on from, letting go of? What seeds were planted last fall that are now beginning to take root? The Mobile Hotspot began her journey last September and this past weekend was the soft launch…check out her journey here:

The Chariot is the number seven which integrates many aspects of the human experience: the seven chakras, seven planets of classical astrology, the seven day week, the seven souls of God and the seven creative powers. There are seven colors in the rainbow, seven intervals in an octave and seven vertebral bones in our neck. Sevens indicate magic, growth, research and expansion!

The first seven cards are the stages of our The Chariot marks the end of the first cycle of the Major Arcana journey. In the first stage, the Fool is developing awareness of the world and learning the will to be. S/he discovers the feminine and masculine qualities, the gifts that we bring in our soul’s journey and begins the process of integration.

As each card turns from one into the next, it includes all the previous cards.  Along the way thus far the Fool has encountered various stages of life. According to Julie Sharman-Burke, author of “The Complete Book of Tarot” the Fool has ‘progressed through childhood and education (The Magician), meeting his mortal parents (The Empress and the Emperor), his divine parents (The High Priestess and The Hierophant) and his loves and conflicts (The Lovers and The Chariot).’

Suggestions for the week: fuel your intentions that you set with The Magician card; build a fire; do an interpretive dance check in; go on a trip, short or long to visit a beautiful place; do a drum journey to receive guidance for the coming week; make connections to develop your art/business/dream plan!

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