The Strength Card

Welcome to our next phase of the Major Arcana Journey: the Strength Card, card number eight (or eleven) in the journey. This is the card of inner power and resourcefulness which reminds us of our own center and place in the Universe.

In the classic Waite card, a woman strokes a lion which shows that power together with vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths. ┬áThe woman is taming her power and transforming it into her life’s work. Above her is the infinity symbol, linking this card to the Magician, reminding us that all the power, love and wisdom of the Universe resides within us…and the longest journey we will ever take is from our head to our heart.

In the Crowley deck we see a nude woman, heart exposed, holding a vessel of fiery liquid love. She is both vulnerable and powerful, holding her essence aloft transforming the dark into light. She sits atop a creature with many heads reminding us of the many parts of our selves: our light, our dark, our shadow, our fear, our pain, our sorrows, our joys and myriad of ways these express throughout our life. The Strength card is also a card of compassion for our selves, to find that inner core of care for our humble human body and it’s expression on earth.

When I did my self-marriage several years ago I got this card in readings over and over again as a sign of reuniting with my own inner strength as well. My first vow at my self-marriage ceremony in an ancient Dakini temple in East India was “I vow to call back all parts of myself.” See my elephant journal article on my Self-Marriage ceremony here:

The first seven cards of the Major Arcana represent the outer aspects of life including our teachers, our parents, falling in love with our lovers, our teachers, community and the first taste of spiritual teachings. Now, we enter the next phase of the Major Arcana Journey, where we begin to work from our emotional and relational selves. In these next seven cards we dive more deeply into the heart and the expressions that connect us to our life journey. In this next part of our journey we allow truths to emerge that teach us about our soul’s purpose and growth on earth.

The Strength Card asks you to step it up! What are you hesitating about…what are you holding back? This week, push your comfort zone outward and expand your horizon. So often we do not act because of our fears and doubts. The Strength card is about being bold anyway, doing it anyway, being strong from your center and trusting in one step after another.

This week, call back all parts of yourself! Light a candle and write vows to honor your inner heart and higher self. Go for a walk or hike in the woods and reconnect with your physical body. Notice when you are running from conflict or arguments and try to stay present in your inner vulnerability. Discover the power of the heart that comes from openness and being Present. Be compassionate with your darker, shadow sides. Show kindness to the edges that arise within.

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