Justice Card

Welcome to the week of Justice!
The Fool encounters the card of balance and decision making in card number eleven, Justice of the Major Arcana Journey. Here s/he meets the wise feminine figure draped in red robes who holds a set of scales symbolizing finding the right balance.

After the Wheel of Fortune has turned, the Fool finds him/herself facing deeper clarity in the revelations of the Justice card. Here clear insight is revealed which may, like a surgeon need to cut through our fear, denial and pain to get to the heart of the matter. This is a time for discernment from a neutral space, to move away from the heaviness of wallowing emotion and into the clarity of the all seeing view.

Justice is found in the Egyptian Goddess Maat, the goddess of truth, the law and order. As each soul passed away they would enter the Hall of Judgment where their hearts were weighed by Maat’s feather of truth. She is associated with the all seeing eye that watches all things and discerns our Karma through the weight of the heart. If it is light, then we are released…if our hearts are heavy then opportunities are provided to work through the karma.

Likewise in our lives, when challenges arise we have the opportunity to meet them with heaviness or lightness. Change, chaos, endings, disharmony, death, disease, suffering occur in all lives and it is up to us to meet these moments with fear and denial or grace and love…no easy task! We can be inspired by the height of high flying birds such as hawks, eagles or osprey who circle above the situation taking in larger picture without getting overwhelmed by the heavier emotions.

Justice is also connected to our sense of morality and what is right or wrong. We often judge others who are different from us and condemn people’s actions that we perceive are not in alignment with our own. Where does this judgment come from? Are we actually projecting aspects of ourselves or attempting to distance our own self from someone so that our ego may feel better, superior or arrogant? How can we see ourselves as one with others without judgment? Radical acceptance instead.

Many religions deem certain choices as immoral or wrong and it is helpful to examine if we have internalized these views and how they affect our life. For example, many religions view the men as superior in some way to women and have for hundreds of years. How does this affect our current views and perspectives on women/female/feminine issues? We can also consider the issues of race, gender and sexual orientation. It is helpful to notice our own internalized racism, homophobic tendencies, sexism…we all carry within us programs from our societies, perhaps truths that our not actually our personal TRUTH.

As you explore Justice this week, ask yourself what truths are you holding back this week? How can you better speak your truth, openly and clearly? What gifts are you refraining from sharing with your relations, work, partners? Do a free write that starts with My Truth is …

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Many Blessings,
Katalin Koda
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