The Hanged Man

Welcome to the Hanged Man, our Fool’s next encounter on the Major Arcana Journey!

After a brief pause from writing, just hanging around, checking out the world from upside down I have discovered truths from a completely different angle! The Hanged Man first appears as an upsetting image to most, but actually he is quite peaceful and many view this hanging as a CHOICE.

Due to the strange shape of his body, Rachel Pollack, author of ‘Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom’ speculates that the Hanged Man is not just a random image of an upside down person, but instead signifies a deeper meaning, one that connects to the esoteric teachings that underlie the Tarot cards. Although on one level the cards can certainly answer the most common questions that clients come to me for: LOVE and MONEY; the cards also depict a much deeper truth, that of our spiritual evolution and progression of the Fool along the mystical journey toward enlightenment.

Most of the cards illustrate archetypes reminiscent of the times in which they became popular: Kings, Queens, Emperor, Pope, Chariot, etc are inspired by the medieval days and qualities of the 1500’s. However the Hanged Man has older roots and is perhaps an image of initiatory practices found in shamanism connecting to the ancient myth of Odin in which he hung upside down to receive enlightenment and the gift of prophecy. Pollack goes on to discuss the likely and yet unproven connection between the Kabbalah, ancient body of Jewish mysticism, occult knowledge and the Tarot. Although nothing has been unearthed to show these in direct correlation we cannot help but see the connection between the Tree of Life which contains 22 letters just as the Tarot contains 22 Major Arcana…

Hanging upside down has a direct effect on the blood flow to the brain, bringing new awareness to our mind. In every moment we have the opportunity to shape our own neural circuitry. Recently reading “A Stroke of Insight” by Jill Taylor, a neuroscientist who had a stroke, I discovered that our intense emotions of anger, fear, sorrow, excitement and joy are only produced chemically by the brain for 90 SECONDS. That’s it! The rest of the time we spend fuming, weeping, anticipating and worrying is our hardwired looping neurons that have created a story to keep the feeling afloat. What might happen if we allow that feeling to arise and then dissolve without looping that story? Can you catch yourself in a story and do something deliberate to alter the loop? This takes focused effort, to retrain the brain and uses creative thought patterning to build new neural pathways.

Another brilliant tool I have been introduced to is Byron Katie’s turn around’s: take thoughts and judgments about yourself and others and turn them around, to see if you can loosen attachment to your stories. For example, if you examine the thought, “I never have enough money,” you may realize that in this moment, that is simply not true. Here you are breathing, alive, probably well fed and nourished with plenty of abundance to get you here now. A turn around may be: “I have plenty of money!” Try it! Turn your thoughts upside down!

This week, hang upside down! Do a headstand or a handstand if you can! Turn your body around and be open to a whole new view on life. Practice doing a 180 in both body and mind. Pay attention to your thoughts! Meditate in the morning and direct your intentions for the day, CHOOSE to bring your awareness, thoughts and mind back into a stream of love, acceptance, joy and happiness. See if you can creatively create a new neural pathway or two!

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