The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

The next card on the Major Arcana Journey is the Wheel of Fortune. Here the Fool encounters their Destiny. The wheel turns and karma plays out for good or for ill. More than any card, this card indicates a deep effect on our karma one that may seem beyond us.

The number 10 of the card naturally links to the 1, the Magician and here our gifts are illuminated but in the context of the world: our connection to the earth, our relationships, work, money, health and communities. The appearance of this card in a reading often indicates an arrival of fortune, be it ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Either way, it is life changing!

Of course, as a wheel, this indicates a turning point. A change in the winds, a change in direction. When you were going one way, then suddenly you find yourself going an entirely new direction. Can you remember a time in your life when suddenly it felt as if the wheel turned? When you met someone who has had an important effect on your life? A new job? A chance encounter? A powerful insight?

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life moves in cycles, from birth to life to death and back to rebirth once again…when we shift from one of these phases into another, the Wheel is at work.

The Wheel of Fortune is akin to the Buddhist wheel of samsara which keeps spinning us from one life to the next. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, certainly we move through phase after phase of life. Sometimes I find it incredible how many lives I seemed to have lived already in just these last 40 years! As the wheel turns in Buddhist thought, we cling to the different states and emotions keeping us trapped or bound to the karma of our actions and interrelations with other. As we awaken to our inner Buddha nature within we lessen those bonds, eventually freeing us from the wheel.

Thus it seems that we can also transcend our fates. Do you believe everything is ultimately a choice? I find it fascinating that people who experience NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) often recognize that they have a choice as to whether to return to earth or not. In countless past life regressions people have discovered that major turning points in their life were ultimately a deep spiritual choice they made for their own learning and growth. What do you feel or think about this? Fate, choice, free will, destiny…always a mystery on this magical, wonderful, challenging life path.

When we step into the circle that is the Wheel of Fortune, we remember that even as the karmic winds of change are blowing mightily through our lives we can choose to find our center. In Hawaiian, the word KUANA is your position, attitude and standing. Harry Uhane Jim, Hawaiian Kahuna teacher translates this as coming to the center of our being. Calling out KUANA! however and whichever way we walk on our path, we can reorient ourselves to the directions.

This week, find your center! Orient yourself to the cardinal directions: east, south, west and north. Indigenous practices and traditions have a myriad ways of connecting to these directions as a way to find our center and create a sacred circle or container. Give thanks to the rising sun in the east, the warmth of the south, the setting waters of sunset in the west and the cold ice of the north. These directions dance around us with their partnered elements, the sky above and earth below.

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Many Blessings,
Katalin Koda

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