Temperance Card

Temperance ~ on the Major Arcana Journey

The Fool continues along their journey moving deeper into the mysteries of the Tarot. Following Death, a cycle completes and the path becomes a way to access higher aspects of our Soul’s journey. At number fourteen, Temperance marks the transition into final seven cards, moving into the realms of spiritual truths, disengaged compassion, soulful nourishment and huge life transitions.

In the Rider Waite imagery, a divine winged non-gendered being pours water back and forth between two vessels, refining, reviewing, renewing and refreshing. One foot rests on the earth and the other in the water revealing our connection to both the material world and the spiritual world. This is an essence dialogue between our form body and our spiritual self that goes beyond form. Tuning into Temperance provides us with creative, nourishing, soulful beauty and helps us to manifest this into form.

The creativity found in Temperance is much more spiritual and refined than earlier cards such as The Empress or the Lovers. Here it takes the attention of focus, discipline and the rewards are pure joy and brilliant creations. To temper is to find the qualities in metal that are neither to hot nor too cold and be able to create something new from that balanced quality. It is an ongoing process, a constant calibration.

The Buddha offers us a wise teaching he gave once to a lute player who was discouraged with his meditation practice and went to the Buddha to ask for instruction.

“What happens when you tune your instrument too tightly?” the Buddha asked.

“The strings break,” the musician replied.

“And what happens when you string it too loosely?”

“When it’s too loose, no sound comes out,” the musician answered.

“The string that produces a tuneful sound is not too tight and not too loose.”

“That,” said the Buddha, “is how to practice: not too tight and not too loose.”

Indeed. Temperance is constant reminder of this relationship with ourselves, our mind, our practice, people in our lives, our community, our world ~ not too tight and not too loose.

In the Crowley deck, instead of Temperance, he chose the word ART for this card and invokes the passionate meeting of opposites. Whenever we bring together new qualities we create anew! Think of fire and ice, hot and cold, blue and red, light and dark…putting together raw elements provides the potential for infinite possibilities.

Using the spiritual guidance of Temperance we have the opportunity to bring our creations to another level of Beauty, Truth and Wisdom. This is the alchemical process of transforming raw into refined which also applies to our emotional body, spiritual work and self-inquiry process. Through Temperance we access the capability to transmute our pain into power, anger into compassion, poison into nectar.

Temperance is the Lovers card exalted on high. Like the Lovers, Temperance reminds us that we have a choice in how we wish to utilize our raw emotions, creativity and energy. We can choose to stay in anger for example, and project onto our partner, boss, child etc…or we can recognize the quality of that anger arising, take accountability for its presence and choose to transmute the energy into compassion, clear sight and wisdom. In the Lovers, we often express our sexual~sensual selves with a partner or an experience. With Temperance we discover the opportunity to transform our sexual energy into creative expression through art, invention, writing, movement, community building, planting our garden.

This week…do a spiritual practice that inspires you! Visualize your aura illuminated with rainbow colored lights and see the world around you as a mandala of enlightened glowing beings. Welcome the opportunity to transform raw emotion and negative thoughts into creative expression and compassionate actions. Mix together unlikely energies: throw a party and invite different kinds of friends, do something you don’t usually do or haven’t done in years, ask for spiritual guidance, paint, draw, dance, free flow!

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