The Devil

Our lovely Fool continues their path along the Major Arcana Journey full of joy and tempered alchemical love only to encounter the deep, dark shadows of the Devil. Ah, the mysterious, unpopular and misunderstood creature of the past thousands of years.

When the Fool arrives at the craggy mountain of the Devil, s/he discovers old fears returning along with base carnal desires: hunger, thirst, sexual urges. The naked people figured in the Tarot image are held up in chains to signify the bondage these lower level urges can cause us, driving us toward addiction, desperation, sickness and even madness.

We have all danced with the Devil so to speak, diving into a dark hole of seductive addiction perhaps, drinking or smoking too much, having unfulfilling sex, eating for the sake of gluttony without mindfulness. Our competitive culture itself is fueled upon the mass consumption of crappy food, too many products, mass media and overindulgences. We see the toxic effects laying waste across the earth’s oceans, forests, rivers, lakes and mountains…

The Devil arrives to show us our repressions, our fears, our secrets and what holds us bondage. In this way he is a rich addition to our own life’s journey because without his furious charge we would never turn to face our shadow self and thereby never bring them to the light. Staying in denial causes dis~ease, wreaks emotional havoc, brings turmoil in the guise of obstacles, misfortunes and unhappy twists and turns…but with the rich treasure of our soul’s inner darkness we uncover the poison and begin the process of recognizing it as medicine.

When the Fool faces the Devil with all of the gathered teachings along the journey, s/he suddenly sees something different: the humans chained up can actually slip off their collars and simply walk away! They have, as all of us do, a choice in the matter and it is up to them to willingly transform their beasty selves into bright lights, integrating the shadow along the way.

When the Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree, determined to tame his mind, at the final hours he faced Mara, akin to the Devil and was compelled by the true nature of mind to overcome the egoic expressions. When Mara attacked him violently, hurling thousands of fiery arrows at him, instead of turning and running away, the Buddha faced this onslaught with a certain peacefulness, turning the arrows into a rain of flowers. We can also use the steady clarity awake self to meet the world and transform what appears to be hate, fear, anger, jealousy and ignorance into beauty, truth, love, calm abiding and wisdom.

And let us re~member, re~claim, re~mind ourselves that the Devil is inspired by the lovely Pan from ancient times. The part goat god of nature was the playful, curious, sensual, sexual masculine form who romped through the forest seeking fun and delights, enchantments and magic. He tuned deeply into the natural processes, connecting humans to the ways of the Wild. Perhaps it is time to reclaim the true Devil of clear and savory delight, the one deeply connected to the wisdom of the forest and plant medicine. Perhaps the Devil is more like the Lorax: “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.”

Thus, on the flip of side of too much, is the energy of ACTION and the Devil can assist us in charging up mountains, doing wild creative dances, opening up to our inner sexual beings and finding ourselves in a powerful place of pleasure and discovery. This week, I encourage you to notice your addictions and give some space around them…and do something a bit Wild and different! I tried out some contact dance with my friend which I usually avoid, feeling edgy and uncomfortable rolling around on the floor with people…but it was delightful! Try out something new, acquaint yourself with Pan and get a little Wild this Spring!

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