The Tower Card

Welcome to … The Tower.
“Barn’s burnt down – Now I can see the moon.” Mizuta Masahide
After facing the Devil’s insight into the chains that bind us, breaking free and dancing with their shadows, the Fool enters the realm of the Tower. From one kind of darkness into another, s/he journeys to the magnificent construct that must be broken down to reveal wisdom and insight. This is not easy!

The Tower of the Tarot is well known for its destructive qualities, showing figures falling to their demise as lightning strikes and forms dissipate leaving behind smoke and ash. Often the appearance of the Tower indicates an external major transition such as loss of job, divorce, chaos and turbulent changes. Internally it may signify a loss of identity, sense of well being, emotional upheaval…and yet all necessary on the spiritual path to enlightenment.
In many traditions, the emphasis of struggling, suffering, pain and hardship are necessary for true, real and rich soul growth. Have you found this to be so? When you struggled the most or faced your fears did you not also discover the riches of your true self? Have you mined the depths of the dark nights of the soul to reveal the treasures of truth and love?
The brilliant lightning strike above the tower is the flash of power and mystery and suddenness that can appear in our lives, turning well formed plans into dust. As they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. And the Tower is the reminder of this…belief systems, old structures, political and religious dogma must also crumble to allow the new ideas to take root. Similar to the destructive quality of lava, the Tower is the portent chaos that leaves behind fertile new ground for something brilliant, and new.
After a short hiatus into the shamanic depths and mysteries in British Columbia Canada, I return bearing gifts. These are weightless gifts, ones that can only be revealed after the great crumbling of illusion, fear, and sticky emotional residue. The gifts are eternal and they have no confinements, they come in the form of tears and forgiveness; vulnerability and precious insight; enduring love without attachment. The present of Presence.
This week, I encourage you to look at the belief systems and stories that are confining you and preventing you from growing. Dismantle the old and make way for the new! Have a fire ceremony and write down a list of all that you are clearing away and burn it. Burn a bunch of papers, documents, art, journals that you no longer need. Turn the old into ash and lay that down on the earth to fertilize your way.
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