The Star

Welcome to the STAR on our Major Arcana Journey…

After many long weeks away from writing I have at last returned from the dark side so to speak…as always, any writing journey of mine mirrors my life and my life mirrors the writing journey. It is a reflective process. And seemingly the Tower of chaos, darkness, troubles and upheavals have reigned like stormy seas for many weeks, with many vivid bright Starlit moments along the way.

The emotional storms of my relations over the last years seem to have caught up with my body and I am on a health journey, looking at issues of fatigue and needing to recenter, ground, create peace and more harmony in my world. During a very physically challenging time at Surrender festival, I recognized a newly realized profound truth…that on the other side of Yearning is Solitude. And to release my desire of wanting and yearning is to rest, a~lone and quietly as a solitary ancient mountain peak. A relief washed over me in this recognition as I discover more in the layers of this truth.

In Yearning, as explored in the poetry of Rumi, we ache and long for the Beloved. This may come to us in many forms and during the messy wildness of the Tower, we find ourselves in turbulent emotions that provoke us to call out to the Beloved, to our guides, to the divine and its many forms. Once we step deep into the shadows of fear, sorrow and troubled hearts, we may very well discover the light and ray of infinite and unconditional Love…the revelatory release of the imminent healing presence of the STAR.

The imagery of the STAR card shows a woman, naked, vulnerable and open to her pure expression of beauty in the World. One foot rests on the earth, grounded and connected while the other foot is in the water in relation to the emotional body. She pours two vessels of water, symbolizing cleansing, rebirth, renewal and illumination.

Above the figure shines the brilliant star, the brilliant reminder of light that shines in the dark night. When we look up into the night sky, we are moved by their ancient beauty. Often I feel a sense of old friends shining down on me, reminding me I am connected to their silvery pathways, a reflection of their journey with stardust in my body and starlight in my soul.

The Star reminds we are always guided, even if we don’t always feel that. The assistance of our unseen helpers, guides, dreams, spiritual beings are ever available, we only need to ask. The Star is our courageous Heart shining forth, connected to the infinite Universe of unconditional love and brings us a sense of renewal, hope, faith and rebirth.

This week I invite you to meditate with the starry night sky! The new moon approaches which gives us the opportunity to reflect on a more star filled sky. As you sit with the stars, imagine the brilliant silver and gold light pouring down into your crown chakra and illuminating your energetic, emotional and physical bodies. Set an intention at night to receive a healing dream and be open to receiving guidance in a myriad of ways.

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