The Sun Card

“Even after all this time
the Sun never says to the Earth,
‘You owe me.’
Look what happens
with a love like that.
It lights the whole sky.” ~Hafiz


The Major Arcana Journey continues as the Fool meets the Sun. Ah…the bountiful beauty of the Sun! After traversing the lonely, dark, curious terrain of the Moon, s/he arrives in the land of plenty, the place of dreams manifested.

The sunlight is essential to our well being. All life on earth thrives due to the perfect alignment between our sun and the earth, a star among billions of other stars. An ordinary miracle! When the sun touches our face we feel the imminent grace of warmth, beauty, light, perhaps even magic. It is ever enchanting to watch sunlight dance on water, reflecting and reminding us that everything is in constant, perfect motion.

I write this as, ironically, the sun is fading from our days tucking its way back into a cloud cover for the next several months here in the Pacific Northwest. Rare comes the sighting of the sun. In the background ‘Goodnight Sun’ is playing off Nahko’s latest album, a reinvented new old song giving me cause for reflection…as he reflects on the ending of a day, the passing of life, the journey we are on with our constant friend the Sun.

The Sun reminds us to count our blessings, to see what is abundant in our lives. When the Sun card appears in a reading it indicates the outward expression of dreams fulfilled and may signify land, marriage, partnership, family, blessings, abundance. This is a time of creativity, warmth, sharing and the harvest where we connect with those of like mind and open our hearts to co~creation and celebration.

The Sun amplifies all of our blessings and gifts, reminding us of our true purpose on Earth. I think of it like a gift basket that each of our souls carries with us. We have a certain soul signature that is our way of sharing our gifts…when we align with these gifts we are able to experience an abundant life rich in spirit, mind, body and heart.

The Sun is our reminder of what is good in our lives. During dark days, when the sun peeks out from the clouds for just a moment I feel a rush of delight in my bones. I remember the Sun is always there even if we cannot see it, just as our true brilliant awake nature is always resting within only waiting to be continuously realized. This can be a helpful reminder when we are going through all the changes of life, the intense transitions we face and recognizing the suffering that is happening on earth in so many forms these days.

There is a Buddhist practice I find helpful called Tonglen which inspires us to become our own personal Sun. In this practice we inhale the dark, chaotic, painful suffering of the world and others into our hearts, transforming it into light and breathing it back out. In this way we identify with the struggles of others and generate compassion. This practice is often counter to the New Age view of expelling our own darkness so that we are safe and protected…instead Tonglen empowers us to step into the courage of the heart knowing we are strong enough to handle what is fearsome and painful and be of service to transmute that into Love, Compassion and Grace.

Like the sun, we can be bountiful in our ever abundant heart, staying open with our light shining, burning away the edges in the discovery of our own inherent Truth. In this way, we abundantly share our own love without asking for anything in return. We are simply a vessel of Love.

This week, I encourage you to practice Tonglen, drawing in the pain of others and transforming it in the courageous vessel of your own divine heart~light. Be your own Sun, shining outward to others, generous without expectation. Create a gift ‘basket’ of your soul, illuminating your own gifts to the world. Find objects or symbols to represent who you are and your personal sun power offering that brightens this world.

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