happy new year

Greetings Friends…

Happy New Year! 2018, wow. After the wild ride of last year, I can’t help but be both excited and nervous about what is to come this year. We are actively participating in Great World Change whether we are conscious of this or not. All our maddening human habits are taking their toll and we are seeing the effects…not a couple generations down the road but right here, right now.

Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, snow in the desert…drought in the jungle. Social movements, justice call outs: racism, ageism, ableism, sexism, feminism. The lenses are turned more than ever to POC, disabled, women, gender queer, trans, LGTBIQQA…I myself am looking at these and love the phrase used by Chani Nicholas, ‘intersectional mystic.’ I am inspired by the river of feminist, witchy, queer, creative, herbalist, female adventurers on my Instagram! Many of the younger women I work with are blowing my mind with their new ways of thinking, expressing and being in the world. Having a thirteen year old daughter right now is incredible to witness her generation and these times that she is moving through.

I was deeply moved by the #metoo movement which inspired me to both share my story and write my own response on my blog ‘Creating Listen Culture ~ In Response to Rape Culture.’ This past year, I have been deeply reflecting on my own path of the ‘sacred feminine’ while continuing to come out as queer femme (this seems to be an endless process). I am considering starting a Queer Meditation group, please contact me if this interests you!

I am looking at my own awareness as a white woman on the path of the sacred and spirituality and have been engaging in powerful conversations around race, culture, appropriation versus appreciation and ‘what actually is sacred anyway?’ I am endlessly grateful for my daily personal Buddhist meditation practices that keep my mind willing to walk along these razor edges, convincing the heart it is okay to be vulnerable and open along the edge, in fact … that is where the insights and the treasures are to be discovered.

This past year I began volunteering with hospice and it has been so rewarding and life changing. I had one client for several months who passed away. She had Alzheimer’s and this was a good teaching for me. Did you know 1 in 3 of us will likely have Alzheimer’s or dementia? I look around in my workshops and think about how a third of us aren’t going to remember any of this if we live long enough! I know this sounds scary and sad to people, but when we sit and contemplate this, and really face it, it’s pretty life affirming to CREATE THE WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN RIGHT NOW. There really is no other moment than the present.

Let it be a year of action, compassionate change, wild wonder and passionate embrace. A year to discover freedom and truth and the miracles of this incredible earth even more. May you be inspired and excited by your own curiousity, creativity, discovery and joy!


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