Celebrating Lover Earth

I have returned from five days in the woods on Orcas Island from the always wild, curious and beloved EcoSex Gathering…Celebrating Lover Earth.

The intention of this gathering is to view our earth as our beloved, as our lover. It is a coming together to celebrate ourselves and the earth as well as navigate our trauma, emotional bodies, our sovereign sexual selves as the old paradigms wear away and we grapple with finding ourselves in new kinds of relationships with each other, with the earth and the land.

It is a wonderful, playful, sexy, chaotic, messy, enriching affair. Some of the central reference points are queercentric, polynormative, non-gender conformity and consent based culture. The conversations on race, gender issues, transphobia, white supremacy, appropriation, relationship anarchy, polyamory and consent blew my mind. I am always inspired by these kinds of transformative conversations. There is desire to lessen our judgments, a willingness to look at the edges, a yearning for real connection. People are asking incredible questions and are willing to be informed by not only their thoughts, but their emotional and spiritual selves as they work to undo the deeply embedded conditioning of our culture.

As I do every year, I find myself deeply challenged, totally inspired and left in a kind of wonderment when I return home. There are experiences I have EcoSex that could never happen anywhere else, a certain kind of freedom of expression that our wolfish selves may long for but have forgotten. I was fortunate to be part of the opening Ritual team and had so much fun in the process which took my understanding of ritual and ceremony to a new level of creative embodiment. I was delighted to play with Stardust the brilliant light of illumination that lives in our bodies.

There is a delight and curiosity, a creative wild intelligence, a movement toward instinct and feeling that I adore about those who attend this gathering. I led a workshop on Grief and Rage using the story of the Descent of Inanna as an inspiration. I have been working and studying what I call the ‘ecology of our emotion’ to heal trauma, stay grounded and centered in our present and connect more deeply with the earth. I was blown away by the opening moments where every single person in the circle was able to identify three or more emotions swimming around them, several quite ‘contradictory.’ Many people struggle with even acknowledging our emotions at all! We so often repress them and suffer the consequences…humans at this gathering are doing their work. It is NOT easy, but its deep discovery and life changing. There is so much more I could say…but I’ll leave it for now…please reach out if you want to chat further about this event and my healing work!

I leave you with this poem I wrote upon my return. Lately I have a penchant for getting up ridiculously early and while camping in the woods I kept waking up at 5:30 Am. The event was on a property previously owned by a wealthy millionaire who built a personal railroad that encircles the land. With a REAL train that we got to ride while there…it was pretty fun 🙂 I took to walking the tracks at dawn, contemplating and musing all the unfoldings and discovery. Curiously the picture of the tracks was the only one I took while on the land during the event.


it’s 5:30 am and i’m walking the
train tracks left behind
by some previous
millionaire land owner.

i’m pondering the
patriarchal conditional derailment,
the fading ‘uber-culture’
through a forest of
spruce and cedar,
pitch and pine…
crossing lines over time
in wonderment
of this caravan of lovers.

this gathering is
is multi~hued
and filled with songs of adoration,
poetry of the wild remembrance.
thoughts on limerence and
explorations of compersion.

on the fringe of the fringe
we extend …
out to the cosmic language:
embodied and honing,
grieving and moaning,
screaming and foaming,
climactically roaming.

i’m intuitively tracking
the emotional caveat
of my grief and rage,
joy and shame.
exploring the circular patterns
of relating.

discovering an imminent power,
a kind that rises from its
very own center,
not because you are below
or i am above….

instead this power holds space
gently in their arms.

they ask.
they invite.
they listen.

this power is:

consensually direct.
sensually present.
cuz you are a gift.
and so am i.

can we break down our barriers
between color and gender?
between bodies and pleasure?
swim the luminescent spectrum
of fire water feelings?
can we discover the climate of our evolution?
the ecology of our emotions?
can we learn to live with our beloved

not demand or pounce,
rape or denounce
to get what we want.

what we truly need.

i’ve been getting re~informed
and integrated.
well nourished and hydrated,
grounded and satiated.
so that when we meet to build
anew wandering canoe
of life, it’s from a place
of truth and delight.

the tracks curve.
there is nothing straight
trees grow in spirals
and so do the galaxies.
we breathe the air of our beloved
forest friends
and dance the illuminated
the dust of our ancestors
moving through our veins.

we come together ::
re~membering again and again
that we are tiny vessels
of hope …
we are the remnants
of stars who look down
and remind us:

you are our future.

kk june 2018

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