how long does it take for one sparkler to burn?

rolled in china by far away hands,

shipped overseas to our hungry hearts.

how long does it take for my breath to travel around the world?

this air is ancient and millions have come before us.

we are just little pieces of earth that stand up and walk around for a while…

inhaled by trees and forest friends,

exhaled by volcanoes and ocean currents.

how long will it take for us to realize that we’re in it together?

this culture ship is going down.

stop seeking the smaller ships

to carry you across.

soon we will be flowing in the rivers of uncertainty.

let go the clods of old from the past.

pick them out from between

the crevices in your sticky mind.

wash the weary world from your shoulders.

for the trees breathe you life in every moment.

my exhale meets your inhale

for ~ ever as love is never not in the air.

we are interdependently arising

against the myth of separation.

the angelic reminders are smiling.

they wish to be embodied for even one moment:

to feel the firmness of flesh,

and the push of toes on piney floors,

to smell the petrichor, dust following rain,

to see the wash of rainbows in evening.

the perception of singularity

is as common as clouds and

surreal as dreams.

i long for the life

that gives mountain thoughts

at daybreak

where lucidity is slipping out

and creativity is climbing in.

look at the flames moving from one form to another.

i say,

burn away dependency until nothing is left

but the timeless arise of the breath

of interdependence.

kk july 4 2018

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