a transient state of dislocation

i am retracing the echoes of my Memory

you are providing me with an inopportune window

into the dark, leglessness of Babyhood.

i dive deep into the fleshy folds of indiscriminate

melt of Mother’s embrace.


my headscar tingles as i watch your back arch

ancient incision casts long-forgotten infant fear

amidst aching Wanton of your endless

cyclical nourishment


(around round breasts you flow;

in then out; in then out

you grow, you grow)


i let go the madness of sensory vertigo

i’m walking face on Fear

mirroring mortality in others’ desperation

the hardwired edge of our Bio-logical

connection crackles with the psychic loss of Self-Identity.


She (artist/writer/healer) I wanes in the


of Mother Matrix

singing soft lullaby brigades

to the smoky shelter of a shadowed Past.



spring, 2004

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