endarkenment I

Grandmother North
lays her white bones
along a ridge
teeth glistening :
bared in moonlight
white ice over black light
lashes soft against cheeks hardened
in ancient winds
gnashing last millennia’s sacrifice
over blood let
the brown skins and
flashing umber eyes
carried watchful
stares and glares
in white man’s pursuit
of hollow gold.
breath sucked in
and released pustulence
yellow vapors across the
tired old skies.
still the sun rises
and it is the turning toward

East, Grandfather’s brilliance
rung out dry in the illumined
dark shadow hawk
brings us news from the other side
and washes our weary feet
with salt and softwater
light dancing blue death
is birth
and seeds sprout
the eternal mists,
bringing old story
on the cutting edge of dawn :
ka kaiao, kukui, enlightenment.
golden words,
poems spoke toward

the riotous South
Green man
and Goddess beauty
dance together once again
they call to their brothers and sisters
of millennia…
of DreamTime
spinning new
gold silver threads:
joy, radiance
growth in the sacred
honoring of our Earth.
they remind us,
you see, the old ones
were telling the Truth all along.
Dream is Vision
and Vision is Truth:
weaving is the gift of spirits
healing is the gift of the gods
planting is the gift of the goddesses
the stories of the Indigenous are
Native Dreams,
spoken in Native Tongues
showing us the way back to the land
lessons of embodied spirit
purifying, we offer

crystal salt water
to the winding West
our dear great Grandmother
of Death and dissolution:
fields need to rest
and so do human bodies.
“it is the Nature of things”
she whispers softly
tiny flame in the
long-forgotten cave
red handprints
of wisdom pressed on earth
in utter reverence.
trees grow in spirals
and life moves in cycles
we sit hearted:
reminds us
to look in and backwards upon ourselves
to find the wisdom of fruitful darkness,
and the compassion that births from
the Truth of shadows
and our humble interior.


april 2012

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