Fire Ceremonies

Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire

Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire

Fire ceremonies are as old as humans.  Since the first fires, we have been entranced by their flickering forms to tell story, burn fuel to cook food, to warm our bodies.  When we are by firelight everything around us softens and our heart naturally opens.  Bringing the element of fire back into our lives is a powerful way to reignite our inner passions, to open our heart center, to burn the old and create anew.

Do you wish to activate more of your gifts in your life?

Are you looking to release negative energies?

Are you looking for divine inspiration and guidance?

Fire ceremonies are a wonderful way to honor and celebrate as well as purify, cleanse and activate our gifts.  Lighting a fire in the morning or evening, such as a candle, oil lamp or even a small fire in a bowl helps to immediately reconnect us to divine beauty and inspiration. By giving offerings to a fire, or feeding it, we are honoring the act of feeding our own inner light.

If we are in need of cleansing negative energy or releasing stagnation or blocks, it is powerful to create a fire ceremony.  On the new moon, call in guidance and then write down what you wish to clear or purify in your life.

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