Fire of the Goddess

“When we focus our gifts and talents that are inherent to us as women, we are able to live from a place of authenticity, courage and clarity.” ~Katalin Koda, author of Fire of the Goddess

Upcoming Women’s Wellness Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii, February 3 – 10, 2018! See more information and register now.


What is the Fire of the Goddess?

The Fire of the Goddess is the active creative power that resides within the divine feminine.  Fire is symbolic of spirit and light embodied and contains within its essence the power to transmute, transform, to burn away the old and make room for the new.  By connecting to our wild and brilliant nature within, we can begin to dialogue and heal our indigenous soul.  Indigenous means native to a place and we are all native to the earth, we are all native to our own mother. Reclaiming our connection to the beauty and power of the Fire of the Goddess is our birthright as human beings. The Fire of the Goddess is the divine creative spark that resides within us and speaks to us from the depths of our souls. 

What do you mean by the ‘divine feminine?’

The divine feminine is a part of our ancient heritage.  As Dan Brown so poignantly points out in his book, The DaVinci Code, “Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses. Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power.” Celebrating the divine feminine is the work of the Fire of the Goddess Retreats, to reclaim our right to view the feminine as sacred.  Sacred means holy and to regard with reverence, thus honoring the divine feminine means to regard the feminine with reverence.  This includes women.  Women’s bodies.  The  earth and nature.  Natural processes of the earth.  Natural processes of women’s bodies.  This does not exclude men, instead reminds us the connection we all have together. The divine feminine is the holy place of being in the shape of woman.  The divine feminine is deeply rooted in the earth and her natural processes, in time as cycles, understanding birth, death and rebirth.

Fire of the Goddess Retreats and Ceremonies

  • illuminate our heart’s desire
  • reclaim our inner soul spark of power, love and wisdom
  • remember ancient her~story and women’s mysteries
  • activate our gifts to connect with our community

Fire of the Goddess Circles are an opportunity to dive deep into the power, love and wisdom of the Divine Feminine, using the book, Fire of the Goddess by Katalin Koda. Fire of the Goddess is the active creative power that resides within the divine feminine. Fire is symbolic of spirit and light embodied and contains the alchemical essence to transmute and transform and encourages us to discover our own power and light within. Using the tools of the sacred feminine, we discover this light within and ways to share with others.

February 2018: Fire of the Goddess Divine Feminine Retreat on Big Island, Hawaii

Join author and visionary Katalin Koda, and movement and Yoga teacher, Molly McLaughlin to activate your power, love and wisdom on the stunning Big Island of Hawaii.  This is the fiery birthplace of new land and with the lava flowing steadily on the island, we are inspired to create our lives anew. This retreat is for any woman yearning to activate and deepen her connection to her inner divine feminine.

The goddess Pele is honored here, as the keeper of living land where lava meets the ocean. Inspired by her magical work, we transform our pain and life obstacles into power, recover inner passion and reclaim our lives.

The Big Island’s natural landscapes of ocean, volcano, caves and jungles is the perfect setting to integrate the power and beauty of nature to transform our lives into ones of wholeness and fulfillment.

Using the book, Fire of the Goddess as our guide, this retreat provides women from all walks of life with a guided path to reclaim the divine self.   We work with the tools of the sacred feminine exploring goddess archetypes, ancient myths and co-creating ceremony. Each day is themed around central aspects of the divine feminine: Power, Love, Wisdom and Integration. We explore these themes through women’s circles, daily Yoga, ceremony and healing work.

We are joined by Hula and Ceremonial Master, Kahuna Ehulany Stephany  to share in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony and offerings to Pele at Halema’uma’u Crater in Volcano National Park.  Our experience with Kumu Ehulany includes:

  • Fire and Water traditional Hawaiian ceremony
  • experience ancient Hawaiian kahiko hula, oli and mele (traditional dance, chant and song)
  • give ho’okupu (offering) with la’i (sacred leaf) at the crater, Pelehonuamea

Fire of the Goddess retreat is held at Kahuna Falls just north of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii with comfortable and serene lodging. Located at the sacred waterfalls this is a place to rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

All inclusive:

  • 7 nights of accommodation in serene double rooms at magical Kohala waterfalls
  • three organic, local and Ayurvedic inspired meals per day
  • sacred teachings of Hawai’i, shamanic journeywork, & initiations into power
  • learn goddess mythology and archetypes & reclaim your own inner divine feminine
  • daily yoga, mindful movement and meditation classes
  • excursion to Volcano National Park and secret Yoni Cave
  • Yoni steam womb mandala ceremony
  • Free time to explore local waterfalls, beaches & Hilo bay

Location: Kahuna Falls Retreat Center, Big Island Hawaii. Date: February 3 – 10, 2018. Cost: $2222 per person.

**Price does not include airport drop off or pick up or plane fare to Hawai’i. For travel assistance, please contact Katalin directly.

Find our More Information: Contact Katalin at Phone or text: 808-769-7645.

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katpsychicbiopicKatalin Koda is an author, ceremonialist, intuitive, Reiki Master and healer. Her published works include Fire of the Goddess and Sacred Path of Reiki. She is a passionate explorer of ancient mythology, earth stories and women’s mysteries. Her healing work uses shamanic arts, ceremony, and spiritual mentorship to help clients through transformative life journeys and deep soul level healing. Katalin is the founder of Fire of the Goddess, which aims to honor the divine feminine and illuminate women’s brilliant potentials to affect community and global change through ceremony, archetypal wisdom and the power of story. Find her at and

ProfileMolly Irene is a healer, yoga instructor, photographer, wellness assistant, and tender of The Fire of the Goddess. She weaves her many gifts into the great gift of service to the empowerment of the divine feminine. Also an avid student of Tantra yoga, she embraces the embodiment of the Dakini through the fiery path of the Goddess. Since 2009, Molly has been teaching alignment-based yoga and vinyasa flow for over 5 years, and currently teaches on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her classes are deeply rooted and blissfully expansive, incorporating a range of yoga stales. Molly believes that as we awaken our true nature through yoga, we ignite the power within to heal ourselves and our mother earth. She connects retreat participants to the ‘Aina (that which gives) through her role as wellness guide. Molly finds great joy in connecting the group to the local ecology through knowledge, self-care, sourcing organic foods and healing Hawaiian plants. She ensures a safe, supported, and nourishing experience by attending to the needs of the group and each individual.



Lava and Ocean Big Island Hawaii

Where lava meets the ocean in fiery entry.


Hawaii Rainbow Ocean Blessing

Hawaii Rainbow Ocean Blessing

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