My Journey on the Healing Path

I am sharing more about my personal experience as a healer. I wish to do my best in clarifying my path  as a healer, energy worker and shamanic practitioner. In light of contemporary issues and commentaries that often dance around this word or concept of shaman, which is gaining popularity everyday, I believe it is important to be clear about one’s work as a healer, as clear as one possibly can be in such a mysterious profession.

Being a healer and working with spirits, spirit helpers, energy, emotional bodies is definitely contrary to most modern Western beliefs and a strange kind of journey at times.  It is also likely contrary to indigenous perspective to be writing about these practices.  Yet we live in a modern world and sharing information has become a crucial aspect of not only our way of life, but a way to promote healing for ourselves, and most importantly, our earth.

Many of my experiences have been beautiful and wondrous along the healing journey, however many have also been frightening, terrifying even and extremely challenging. Initiation into the fire of spirit and shamanic work is a continuous process of burning, self transformation and it is not a path for the feint of heart.  There is no doubt that my experiences of having head surgery as an infant, having cancer at age 19, and losing a baby girl at age 26 were a certain fuel for the healing work that I do. My courage to face and walk through these dark times as well as the mysterious encounters with spirits and other worlds have enabled me to practice through healing, shamanic practices and intuitive work.

Working with spirits and spirit helpers is a mystery that is continuously inspiring me to ask more and more questions.  As a healer, I believe that it is crucial that one be useful and beneficial to the clients, that true healing takes place. The deep magical insights, wonderful healing and powerful transformations that I see occur in both myself and those that I am fortunate to help is profound and I am continuously humbled again and again by this process.

Preface to Reiki Warrior:

After a decade and a half of healing work, studying various philosophies, sacred arts and working with the depths of myths and my own visionary dreaming, I find myself standing at the place where several paths intersect.  This is a place of power, love and wisdom and is the moment within myself that is ever present, omniscient and simultaneously both infinite and precise.

I have studied various traditions in my healing work and found the teachings and practices of Reiki, shamanism and Buddhism to be the most beneficial.  The following words in this book are entirely from my own perspective and experience.  Especially because I am referring to certain concepts from both Buddhism and shamanism, it is important for me to relate to the reader that all of the following writing comes directly from my own understanding and experiences.  If any of the concepts are misrepresented then it is my own fault, with no blame on my teachers.  I am not a Buddha dharma teacher and make no claim on any school or lineage as directly supporting my work.  I am also not a shamanic healer specific to any sort of tradition.  I have studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS), which I recognize as a tiny drop in the vast bucket of shamanic work.  I see myself as a shamanic practitioner and as a student, consistently devoting myself to the path as a healer and explorer of the sacred technology of the earth.

Most of my Buddhist insights have been inspired by receiving teachings in India and the U.S. as well as clear and vivid dreams and visions that have come to me over the years.  These are not the normal kind of dreams, but involved specific teachings related to dharma or the teachings from the Buddha.  As far as shamanic training, much has evolved through my own practice of Reiki and healing, meeting with spirit helpers, power animals and guides through healing sessions, visions and dreams as well as a slow cultivation of deep respect for the earth.  The trainings I attended with the FSS were validating for my own personal work and affirmed much of the experiences I was already having related to healing work.  I recognize that the shamanic techniques as taught by the FSS are Western methods appropriate for a global Western person, not necessarily reflective of specific cultural shamanic practices. Yet, I am a modern women in a modern world and I feel that many of us in the West have been fragmented from any kind of deep earth connection.  Many of us are actually in dire need of even the most basic of techniques to begin to make steps back toward a fulfilling and balanced life.

In essence, I have been enhanced immeasurably by both the teachings of Buddhism as well as my spirit helpers, in the most profound ways and they are in inextricable part of my daily world.  To share even one shred of what has helped me in my life and healing is of great joy to me.  I have found the dharma to be an immense practical ground that has aided in my understanding of death and illness; contemplating existence; opening my heart and developing both wisdom and compassion.  My spirit helpers have continuously showed me infinite compassion through suggested methods with the intention to help clients in their own growth and healing.  This book aims to share some of the essential tools of healing that have worked for me; but will inevitably have its own unique flavor for each practitioner.  Some of the concepts, tools, exercises and practices you may relate to, some you may not; practice.., discipline, contemplation.  As the Buddha himself said, “Do not accept my Dharma [teachings] merely out of respect for me, but analyze and check it the way a goldsmith analyzes gold, by rubbing, cutting and melting it.”

As we continue to explore our place in the universe, we are being reminded again and again by indigenous peoples that a direct connection to the earth is key.  Helene E. Hagan a psychological anthropologist who has worked with Native American issues for over a decade addresses the importance of our connection to the land.  Hagan states,  “There are patterns which are embedded in an ecosystem, particular to a given culture and which function precisely and effectively for a particular group. It is Theodore Rosack who emphasizes that we are on the verge of discovering that the deep unconscious is not just sexual (Freud), or spiritual (Jung), but related to the ecosystem in which we live. And in that regard we must understand how Western people have diverged very far indeed from their unconscious in a destructive way. The destruction of the environment goes hand in hand with the destruction of our relationship to the unconscious, which is at its very depth our natural habitat and its indigenous populations. The recovery of this relatedness of all things can be accomplished as individuals, simply, genuinely and honestly without external trappings or borrowed traditions.”

This is akin to my own aim: to reconnect to the earth and her wisdom through my own experience.  In fact, in my mind, this is the true work of any shamanic practitioner: to gain direct experience and through that be able to effectively heal others.  This is something that takes dedication, commitment and real practice of healing work.  For those of us who do not have physical teachers to guide our way through, we must learn to practice ourselves, and discover how to further open to the healing gifts the earth has to offer. These dire times are calling for us to attempt to access what shamans have been working with for thousands of years and if we can stay humble and in honoring of the earth, then perhaps we can find a sense of balance.


  1. I am so deeply touched by your thoughts and the deep feeling behind your words. I too had head surgery as an infant and was called from a very young age to walk the path of the healer. I’m inspired to deepen my relationship to the land and explore more deeply what it takes to bring about deeper healing for my clients and myself! Blessings-Thank you for your courage in sharing yourself.

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