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Fire of the Goddess Class: Embodying the Sacred Feminine

Fire of the Goddess Class: Embodying the Sacred Feminine

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Fire of the Goddess: Ceremony for the Sacred Feminine by Aubrey Vora

~Check out this blog highlighting Katalin’s Fire of the Goddess retreats at Kalani on the Big Island, Hawaii!

 “By creating ceremony we relinquish our smaller self and merge with the dynamic, larger spirit, we are dissolving our ego and habitual tendencies into the connectedness of the universe. Each time we create ceremony, we become more fluid and less attached to stagnant emotions and mental constructs.” – Fire of the Goddess


Fire of the Goddess:

Publisher’s Weekly :

“The creative force of the womb is within every ordinary woman and yet is often overlooked when developing a spiritual path. A seasoned practitioner of indigenous and healing traditions,

Koda (Sacred Path of Reiki) teaches women to meet their sacredness, transform their fears, and reclaim the divine inner female who is imbued with power, love, and wisdom.

The author presents a guided path with nine sacred feminine archetypes as gateways to the divinity that is expressed in female form. Each archetype is comprehensively presented by associating a goddess with that archetype and providing a myth about the goddess, exercises and tools to work with, and a ceremony to connect with that archetype. A rich resources section, including many books and articles, rounds out Koda’s presentation of the sacred feminine as a vital key–one that goes hand in hand with the sacred masculine–for personal healing and collective evolution. (July)”

Voted Book of the Month in September, 2011 Issue of Predictions Magazine, UK:

“Guiding you through nine rites of passage to understand and connect the sacred feminine within us all, this beautiful book is crammed with inspiring myths and legends (think individualist Hawaiian fire bearer Pele and bodhisattva of compassion, Guan Yin) and effective exercises like ‘weaving womb, heart and head’ and creating a woman’s group in your local community to support you on your journey of feminine discovery. Whether you want to occasionally dip in and savour this book over a number of months as recommended, or read it from cover to cover (we couldn’t resist the latter!), this is a truly wonderful literary experience that connects women to a profound aspect of themselves that is often overlooked by the modern world.”

Sacred Path of Reiki:

Amazon Customer Review :

“Over the last few years there has been a growing interest, awareness and practice of the healing art of Reiki. With its wonderful potential of healing and spiritual growth, it is important for both practitioners as well as anyone that receives its benefits to have a reference source as well as a users manual. Katalin Koda has written just such a book, “Sacred Path of Reiki” which covers this subject in such a way that will enhance such information for both beginners and more advanced healers and adepts. The history and benefits of Reiki are well covered as well as step by step explanations on its usage and exercises for enhancing the benefits. Nicely illustrated and easy to follow examples along with an excellent appendix, glossary and resource index are also provided. Katalin is an excellent writer and integrator of many styles of healing practices which she expresses throughout this easy to read and enjoyable book. Her personal experiences which she adds throughout the book further add depth to the text as well as make it an excellent book to read even if one does not want to go any further into Reiki besides learning more about this valuable holistic approach to healing and spiritual practice. I enjoyed reading the book and recommend you order a copy of Katalin Koda’s “Sacred Path of Reiki” as well.” ~George Douvris

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