I am available for private sessions on Saturdays, please use the online booking below! I offer Intuitive Tarot Sessions at Psychic Sister on NE 19th & Alberta various dates, visit here to book online. Other times can be booked separately, contact for more information:

Reiki Healing Sessions

During a Reiki session you will experience deep relaxation which supports the nervous system, provides a healing reset and boosts your immune system response to promote healing.   Reiki, energy and aura healing, chakra balancing. Reiki has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and improve overall wellbeing.

90 Minutes & First Time Sessions — $130

60 Minutes — $90

Intuitive Tarot Readings. 

Using the Tarot you discover deeper aspects of your life purpose and soul journey. Tarot readings also address any issues with love, relationships, money, career and home. Using the cards as well as ceremonial view we are able to attune to the patterns in your life and assist in creating a path of transformation.

30 Minutes — $50

One Hour — $90

Arcturian Psychic Readings & Healing

Arcturian sessions consist of reading the energy field, chakras and aura. Deep healing of the nervous system is provided through neural repatterning, clearing karmic patterns and ancestral trauma. You will have the opportunity to set intentions and ask questions and receive answers about your health, life path, relationships and spiritual concerns. Arcturians are multidimensional star beings that offer an energetic space of unconditional love to assist in the reset of your life and anchoring the light body.

One Hour — $100

Ceremonial Consultation

Ceremonies are a powerful way to mark times of transition in your life, times that are both difficult and challenging or celebratory and joyous. Often lacking in our culture, ceremonies speak soul language and help us to move more gracefully in and out of transitions. Performing an act of beauty using the elements, nature, art, color, song and rhythm give you the opportunity to more full express what is happening on your life’s journey.

I have helped clients create self-marriage ceremonies, grieving rituals to let go of partnerships, deaths and other changes, celebrant for weddings, marriages and love ceremonies, fire and water ceremonies to connect to change through the elements, coming of age, elderhood and life transition ceremonies to name a few. Please contact me for a ceremonial consultation if you are yearning for a deeper, soulful and artistic expression of a transitional time.

45 Minutes — $85