Are you looking for guidance on love, career or trying to understand your deeper life purpose? Tarot Readings are useful for assisting these types of issues.

Are you seeking deep healing on a physical, emotional or spiritual level?  Do you feel lost or have low energy?  Are you wishing to connect more deeply to your spiritual self and guides?  Both Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions are healing methods to dive deep into soul level work, dissolve karmic and ancestral patterns and revitalize your life.

For even further soul and spiritual work, Ceremony Creations are a powerful tool to assist with specific needs including Grief Healing Ceremonies, Menarche and Crone Initiations, House/Land Clearings and Blessings and more.

Both in person and phone sessions available.  Contact: 808.769.7645

I offer Reiki, Soul Path Consultations, Energy Healing Sessions and Tarot Readings at Everett House Healing Center in NE Portland. You may book Tuesday evening Reiki appointments through Everett House here. You may contact me to book a private session on Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons.

I also offer Intuitive Tarot Readings at The Wild Unknown in NE on Alberta St. and New Renaissance Bookshop in NW on 23rd St. Check my schedule to book an appointment at one of these locations.


Soul Path Consultations

One hour session includes intuitive reading of your life path, aura and energetic clearing, Reiki healing and next step recommendations in healing, ceremony and soul work.  $125

Healing Sessions

60 Minute Traditional Reiki Session In Person: Hour long deep relaxation healing that soothes body, mind, emotions and spirit. $90

90 Minute Traditional Reiki Session, Includes One – Hour Spa at Everett House Healing Center: $125

60 Minute Intuitive Energy Healing Session. Hour long session which includes intuitive soul and journey work, power animal and spirit guide connection and hands on relaxing Reiki healing. $90

90 Minute Intuitive Energy Healing Session In Person: Hour long session which includes intuitive soul and journey work, power animal or spirit guide connection and possible extraction or soul retrieval as needed as well as deep, relaxing Reiki healing for integration. $125

One Hour Phone Session: Hour long session via Skype includes intuitive soul work, journey, spirit guide connection and distance Reiki healing. $90

Ceremony Consultation: One hour session to assist you in creating a ceremony for your specific intention including: grieving ceremony; self-marriage ceremony; land clearing/blessing; menses/menopause ceremonies; marriage/handfasting ceremony.  $90

Ceremony Creation:  Assistance in creating an entire ceremony and all of its elements from creating sacred space and altars, how to put intention into form, leading the ceremony if needed. Prices vary, contact Katalin

Intuitive Tarot Readings (phone or in person):  In depth reading using the Aleister Crowley deck and Oracle cards to discover answers to questions about life, love, career, relationships and more.

30 Min: $50
60 Min: $90