“By creating ceremony we relinquish our smaller self and merge with the dynamic, larger spirit, we are dissolving our ego and habitual tendencies into the connectedness of the universe. Each time we create ceremony, we become more fluid and less attached to stagnant emotions and mental constructs.” – Fire of the Goddess

Creating ceremony in our lives offers us a powerful method to connect to our soul’s purpose, to heal, empower, grieve and revitalize our life. I offer ceremonial design for major life transitions as well as for personal healing work.

Ceremony consultations include an intuitive soul reading to asses your path, energy healing & clearing and guided assistance in creating your personal ceremony. Rates vary. Please contact me.

I have been practicing and creating ceremony for over fifteen years. I am a licensed minister and can facilitate weddings as well as a variety of ceremony creations for the following:

~Fire Ceremonies

~Water Ceremonies

~Birth and Pregnancy

~Land Clearing and Blessings

~Grieving Ceremonies

~Altar and Sacred Space Creations

~Marriage and Handfasting (year and a day love commitment)

~Menarche Ceremony for Girls Coming of Age

~Croning Ceremony for Menopause

~New and Full Moon Ceremonies

Please contact me for more information and to make a consultation for your ceremonial needs!



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