Intuitive Soul Healing Sessions

Intuitive Soul Healing works on the soul level which deeply affects all of our being: heart, body and mind.  Similar to shamanic or animist healing, intuitive soul healing uses sound and rhythm, I journey on behalf of the client to compassionate helping spirits who reside in Dream Time or non ordinary reality. receive guidance and messages, retrieve power, extract unwanted spiritual intrusions and other insights to assist the healing transformative process.

Intuitive Soul Healing Helps To:

* Recover lost joy and pleasure

* Heal body, emotions, and mental issues

* Reconnect to inner guidance

* Discover personal power animals and spirit helpers

* Receive deep healing and rest

* Remove unwanted spiritual intrusions

* Cleanse and purify

* Connect to ancestral lines and heal past trauma

* Dissolve past life issues

Healing may include the following:

~Extraction:  This involves removing unwanted spiritual intrusions.  Intrusions may come from negative emotions or mental states that have been inadvertently directed toward at us and can cause ill health.  Removing intrusions can help to relieve chronic ailments, negative and persistent moods.

~Power Animal Retrieval:  In order to regain power and health, we can reconnect with our spirit helpers who often come in the form of animals.  These helpers are compassionate spirits who reside in the Lower and Upper worlds and assist us in everyday life, protect against spiritual intrusions, and help us to maintain balance in life.

~Soul Retrieval:  When someone has been traumatized in their life, sometimes a fragment of their soul is left behind at the traumatic event.  When this happens, a person loses some of their power and can develop chronic ailments, psychological issues, depression or a feeling that something is missing.  During a healing, I may be guided by her spirit helpers to retrieve a piece of a client’s soul and reintegrate it back into the energy field.  This can help to bring clients into a state of wholeness and assist in the healing process.

Although the above may happen during a session, each healing is completely unique and rests upon the guidance from the spirit helpers.  For further reading on Shamanism, I recommend an excellent article available here, written by the founder and president of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Dr. Michael Harner.

All of my Healing sessions include Reiki energy work to assist the physical and aura body in rest and relaxation which deepens and supports the healing experience and soul transformation.

Reiki Healing Helps To:

* Provide deep rest and relaxation

* Promote physical, mental, emotional well being

* Assist in relief from chronic ailments

* Help cleanse and revitalize the energy field

* Provide grounding and focus

Both in person and phone sessions available.  Contact: 808.769.7645

I offer Reiki, Intuitive Soul Healing sessions and Tarot Readings at Everett House Healing Center in NE Portland. You may book Tuesday evening Reiki appointments through Everett House here. You may contact me to book a private session on Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons.

I also offer Tarot Readings at The Wild Unknown in NE on Alberta St. and New Renaissance Bookshop in NW on 23rd St. Check my schedule to book an appointment at one of these locations.