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Sacred Path of Reiki: Healing as a Spiritual Discipline

Sacred Path of Reiki: Healing as a Spiritual Discipline

Reiki originated in Japan and uses Universal Energy to promote healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Reiki provides deep relaxation by laying hands on the body and working in the energy field.  This process helps facilitate transformative healing and promotes overall well being.

Katalin is a Reiki Master and has studied with several Reiki Masters around the world.  She has been practicing Reiki for over seventeen years and teaching for fifteen in India, Hawaii and the mainland. As a clarivoyant, her Reiki practice combines skillful laying on hands with a deep understanding of the aura and chakra system. Her philosophy has developed over the years and is called Reiki Warrior, involving a disciplined approach to the spiritual practice of healing and Reiki.

See more in her book, Sacred Path of Reiki: Healing as a Spiritual Discipline.


Reiki Healing Helps To:

* Provide deep rest and relaxation

* Promote physical, mental, emotional well being

* Assist in relief from chronic ailments

* Help cleanse and revitalize the energy field

* Provide grounding and focus

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