IMG_0976“I am grateful for the work you and I did together as I am positive it contributed to my mindset and lack of fear during the labor and birth processes.” ~Melanie Rainbow-Harel

“In India 2008, I met this amazing woman named Katalin Koda. When I first met her, I felt a little intimidated and uncomfortable around her. I brushed off those feelings, because, well, I was in India. I was traveling with an Austrian man who I did not know very well and needless to say nothing in India felt comfortable so…. Katalin is a Reiki master and I am a Reiki 2 practitioner for 9 years at that time, and well she was offering Reiki sessions so I signed up. I think I was really looking for a healing from a car accident, but, I was also intrigued by this cool and beautiful woman of power. During my Reiki sessions Katalin held the space for me to unwind and I saw a Black Panther. I have never experienced seeing my power animal. It was a powerful experience for me and I was excited.

When I left the guest house to continue my journey through India, Katalin and I exchanged information. Since that moment there have been a number of times when Katalin and I have met by chance. We laughed during those times and I knew I had a friend within this woman. I have learned so much from this Shamanic,Reiki, Warrior Goddess. This woman knows how hold a space so one feels safe to process and express oneself. She is a tremendous storyteller , a superb director of shamanic journeys and rituals. She knows how to empower people. During a water ritual in Rhode Island, Katalin told a story and drummed, directing us the whole time and empowering us. We gave flowers to the water goddess we prayed for what we want to attract to ourselves and our lives. At that moment it rained and then a pink rainbow appeared and a golden sun. I was not surprised. This is Katalin Koda. A magical, fiery spirit.” ~Karen A McGovern,LMT/Bodyworker


“Working with Katalin helped me to get what I needed back! Before I went to work with her for the 1st time, she had me do a letting go ceremony. This helped me immensely! After that,  She took me on a spirit animal journey, and found out that I lost my confidence when I was around 7 year old. She blew golden glowing confidence back into my being. I felt so much better after that day! She helped me get on my way to finding myself again! The 2nd time I saw Katalin, she instantly could tell that was much more relaxed & had changed. She helped me to let go of even more that day, and I left feeling amazing and full of life! I hadn’t felt that good in a long time! I am eternally grateful to the help & guidance Katalin gave me, and I look forward to working with her even more!”  ~ Angela Knight


“I found Katalin through reading her book The Sacred Path of Reiki.  I knew quickly that I wanted to learn reiki from her.  Her style of reiki resonated with what I was looking for.  That was 5 years ago.  Learning reiki has allowed me to make the conscious choice to let go of negative substance abuse.  It has helped me to heal my past and find my own inner light so that I may be a beacon for others.  As Katalin says in her book “Reiki is Life Affirming”, and I couldn’t agree with that statement more.  Light and Love.” ~ Paul Anthony Krok


“Katalin’s powerful healing work helped me to first let go of past trauma, and then to connect more deeply with spirit and mother earth.  For months I debated whether or not to take certain medicine, and through the work with Katalin I made peace with my decision to take the medicine.  Now, I have more energy and am blessed with good health.  The work gave me hope that my dream to adopt a child was just around the corner.” ~ Sara Dessau


“Thank you again for a wonderful retreat!  I walked away with so many gifts.  I look forward to sharing them with others.” ~Lynda Mueller


“…Then Katalin (the workshop instructor) spoke about herself – her path – and what the rest of the day was going to be about. Katalin said there would be some journey time as well as discussion time….and then the end of the day would be around ceremony. She said that Ceremony dissolves ego and brings you back to a state of grace.  And right then….she had me!

She said that the ceremony would lead us in the moment and that we would all be involved in the ceremony.  She continued to say how we have lost ceremony and rituals in our life….and how important it is that we bring ourselves back to this place….this way of life. And here I thought of how my teacher John-Luke Edwards has always said to us….THAT WE ARE THE CEREMONY! OK…so at this moment…you might guess…..that I was beginning to feel those strings speak to me…yep…speaking loudly.

The Big Island has always been a place of personal healing for me….and my heart swelled in this moment as I thought….”Here I am again…being given a gift of healing.” As I came forward in the ceremony and stood before these women who I had only known for a day…..I never felt so supported and loved. I smiled and said to them that I was not surprised that I had been given the word LOVE.  I told them of my path that I had been on since my stay in Hawaii.  I explained to them that I was on a quest of self-love.  I recounted my story of how I had an offering to make and how up until now I could not complete this part of my ceremony.” ~Stephanie Mills

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  1. I have been working with Katalin for the past year through her shamanic healing sessions and her tarot readings. Her intuition and guidance have always been clear, precise and very meaningful in regards to what would be happening in my life at that particular moment. My favorite story is that Katalin blew a hummingbird into my heart during a session. A week later I was having a session with a chiropractor who I was not aware did energy work as well; after scanning my spine he stopped to tell me that I had a little bird in my heart that was emitting a lot of light. It was such a delightful affirmation. Just two days after that, I was sitting in front of a fountain in Joshua Tree and a hummingbird came along and buzzed around in front of me for about ten minutes! I have since been using the hummingbird in metta meditation – well really it seems to come out at its own will – but it feels like the hummingbird’s wings are spreading the metta out from my heart center.
    Katalin is a truly gifted and blessed healer and has been an inspiring teacher.

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