Fire of the Goddess Women’s Circles

Pele, lava, fire goddess, HawaiiFire of the Goddess Circles are an opportunity to dive deep into the power, love and wisdom of the Divine Feminine, using the book, Fire of the Goddess by Katalin Koda. Fire of the Goddess is the active creative power that resides within the divine feminine. Fire is symbolic of spirit and light embodied and contains the alchemical essence to transmute and transform and encourages us to discover our own power and light within. Using the tools of the sacred feminine, we discover this light within and ways to share with others.

Four Month Series, February 7 – May 20, 2016! For Full Schedule see below. Register for one or more here!

Each circle will be themed around a goddess and her archetype. By exploring the various aspects of the divine feminine we will discover and activate our fullest potential. Fire of the Goddess teachings are a personal initiation within the context of a global awakening of the Divine Feminine. Discovering and reclaiming our natural beauty, power, love and wisdom we are able to nourish ourselves on a deep level that inevitably brings incredible change and beauty both to our personal lives as well as our communities.

Fire of the Goddess Circles include the teachings and practice of:
~breathwork and movement
~exploring goddess archetypes from around the world
~shamanic journeywork using sound and the drum
~storytelling and mythmaking
~creating ceremony


Women’s Circle Schedule: Four Month Series
Circle One: Inanna, the Initiate. Facing the Dark Mother.
Sunday, February 7, 6 – 9 PM @ Flanders House, $33 Drop In, Includes Spa at Everett House, Register here for Inanna Circle only.

During the dark days of Winter, we have the opportunity to sit with own inner darkness and transform our pain and fear into courage and beauty. Inanna is the archetype of the Initiate who descends into the Underworld to face the Dark Mother. In this circle we travel deep into the dark recesses of our being to reclaim an unhappy time as a personal initiation, such as heartbreak, loss or pain and transform it into a personal vision of Power.


Circle Two: Persephone/Kora, the Sacred Daughter. Healing the Wounds.
Wednesday, March 9, 6 – 9, Location Private Home in Gresham, OR $33. Register here.

As Spring begins to bloom, we are inspired by nature’s beauty to assist in our own personal healing process. Persephone (Kora) is the daughter of the Earth mother, Demeter, who weeps for her daugther when she disappears at the Fall Equinox. After six months of disappearance, Persephone reemerges to Demeter’s delight, causing spring to blossom. In this circle we reclaim our sacred path as Daughters, daughters of mothers, daughters of the Earth. See more here!


Circle Three: Radha, the Consort. Celebrating the Beloved.
Sunday, April 10, 3 – 6 PM at @ Flanders House, $33, Includes Spa. Register here.

Traditionally the consort is associated with being a companion or wife of a man. In this circle we work to reclaim the concepts of self-love, marriage and intimacy. Inspired by divine beauty of Radha, we delve into the beauty of interplay between ourselves and others, the expression of sensuality and the poetry of longing that accompanies deep loving.


Circle Four: Mami Wata, the Healer. Full Moon Water Ceremony
Saturday, May 20, 4 – 8 PM at River Location TBA, $33. Register here.

In this circle we connect to the archetype of the Healer, and open to receive the blessings of Mami Wata, the African mermaid goddess of the waters. We practice journeying into our heart center to discover. We will co-create a water blessing ceremony to grieve tears as an essential process for cleansing and healing and giving space to feel deep gratitude for the beauty in our lives.

Isis, the Priestess. Fire of the Goddess One Day Women’s Retreat
Saturday, June 4, 10 AM – 8 PM, $111 More Details Coming.

I have a few Work Trade and Sliding Scale options available for those who wish to assist and share their gifts in other ways, please contact me for information:

Katalin Koda is the author of Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine and founder of Fire of the Goddess teachings. She is a passionate explorer of women’s mysteries, sacred mythology and the healing arts. She spent fifteen years living in India and Hawai’i and weaves the wisdom from these lands and her teachers in her circles. She has been circling with women, creating ceremony and working with the Divine Feminine for twenty years.