Rubybleu Puja


Venus has returned in early morning sky.

we called it your star, Ruby’s star.

it shimmers over dark November stones, as i stumble

remembering, remembering, remembering…



her brilliant beginning: soft, red skin, misty eyes wide open

Birth: the smell of blood and salt in dark night.

wonder saturated the air, heavy as smoke,

in the finite hours of one precious day.

Suddenly!  newness gave way to blueness; birth gave way to death.

a breath between one second and the next.


Death waxed calm terror as your Spirit flew fast

like a whisper over the ocean, fading like Moth wings at dawn,

lost among the waves of the world.

Dear one, came to leave, born to die, master of Samsara

Time spinning and i am holding you even as i am letting you go.



somehow the aching nights turned over.

dread days became lighter weeks,

sun revolving moon reverberating flow.

we floated your ashes, blue bone and red copper

down the Ganges, the divine Mother.

swirling amidst flame and hibiscus, a tiny vessel of Hope,

of Spirit transmuted

the fragile joy cracked open, shattered and revealing;

an illumined spark of the Divine,


Rubybleu essence: glowing burning seeds of truth.

and finally i can cast mine which is not mine

Beyond the you who is not you into the quiet unknown.