the sun sets in the east on venus

did you know that the sun sets in the east on venus?

that skies can be mothers between us?

the seeds of father future has seen us?

that dreams unfulfilled will karmically feed us?


it hurts too much to look directly into the light

shimmering symmetry fright

break the day open bright

let’s breathe the night,

cast black stones onto white.


i don’t wanna fight off the gold bliss dream

of something forseen

lilac beauty unseen

pomegranate red seeds seem

to shimmer in ancient gleam

across persephone’s descent stream.


you’ll cross the indigo river and come undone

broken forgotten son,

shone in futures to come

beating Africa into your drum,

as shores of emptiness crash the luminous sun.


raw sticks rub in my heart

i’m sick of painted art

and progress and plans and astro charts

i’m tired of roles and playing the part,

walk away with me into the dark

let the fires burn, licking sparks.


i’ll run away to new

where there’s only a few,

a silent dance for two

dakini bolts the lava spew

take my cue and bow before you,

this priestess of midnight dew.