you belong to no one

your eyes run wild like stormy seas

your divine gesture speaks beautiful and strange

your hair reaches for distant skies

but you’ve forgotten what it touches.


you hope for an elixir of real madness

but are afraid to taste the truth;

you shudder in glorified pain,

write songs that recover your wondrous depths,

plunge the power of ancient story

and find treasure that no one can understand.


hold fast my pirate in the blazing winds!

all is not lost, in this human field of chaos

and indeterminable measures.


your time will come to shine and be




in your discovery; in its haphazard clarity,

in the wisdom that breaks free

like the song of whales at midnight,

the glimmer of stars in glassy eyeball,

the ancient fury of ocean’s remembrance.


bring yourself home

to hearted paths.


you belong not to no one

but to everyone.



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